downwind sailing

Interested to see which way best to go with this, whether to consider a drifter, cruising chute or proper spinnaker, even a big genny. My furler for the jib comes with two tracks so one could wing out both sides using a pole for one side, I would be interested to open this thread and see what folks think is best/ cost effective.

Nix the full spinnaker. To much rigging and crew required to fly safely and effectively. Need 3 crew to do it safely.

Cruising chute is probably your best bet since you use roller furling. It can be set independently from the roller furling. Look into the code 0 furlers that are on the market or a “sock”. I use to fly mine out of a turtle single handed. use a pole DD wind.

A drifter is a good idea also. Probably 85-90% as affective as a cruising chute down wind. Plus you can sail much closer to the wind. I have one on Shanti, but have not used it yet. It blows hard here most the time.

Since I didn’t have an engine in Angelsea, my falmouth 22 I carried a triradial cut drifter and a cruising chute. I was able to make port when needed 99.9% of the time.