Duplex thru the deck

What’s the best way to get duplex thru the deck for a solar panel wire?


I used a standard Sea Dog deck fitting. When I installed it, I drilled a hole through the cover board, fitted a rubberized cork gasket between the deck and fitting and packed the hole in the deck and deck fitting with rope caulk (Moore Tight Brand only). It has never leaked.

Another approach is to drill an oversize hole in the deck and pack it full of filled epoxy then drill the hole for the duplex wire. You will still need a deck fitting but the wood would be sealed.

I believe Calypso just drilled a hole through the cover board, passed the wire through the deck and used polysulfide to seal the hole. It has never leaked - KISS principle.


Is Duplex oval like two wires side by side, and not round ? , unlike shielded two wire cable that is round on the outside ?