Engine controls

Can anyone recommend a very compact, single lever engine control? we used to have a nice small unit that had a removable handle, very handy. I’ll take any ideas or feedback.

Did you check out last year’s thread on this topic, “engine shift/control”?
Dan sv Shaula

Thanks Dan, I did look it up and would like to do something different. I have found a few controls I’m interested in but hoped someone might have been ahead of me.

Well Whisper, you’re continuing your mysterious ways! No name or location in the Database. OK, the Database has lots of mysteries, doesn’t it? Hull 012 and 1981 could mean a Canadian 012 made in 1981, or a SLM hull 012 made in 1976 and launched in 1981? How about at least a first name? And a rough location? No description of what the “few controls I’m interested in” are? What do you like, and what do you dislike? More detail will probably get you more feedback.

The old Morse control might still be available in second hand shops, and seems to me to be about as simple as possible, with no plastic parts, like the current model. Ours has done the job for 30 yrs. However, there are surface corrosion issues with the old model (I don’t know if that is the case with the current model). In 30 yrs, what (who?) doesn’t have surface issues?? I have seen a control with a removable handle, but don’t recall the make.

I’ve thought about making a guard (sort of flattened-out-U-shaped thing) that would protect the lever from our lower extremities, but never got around to it. Wood? SS tubing? SS rod? In the end, we haven’t knocked the lever often enough to motivate the project.

Dan sv Shaula