Engineless FC22 #21 For sale, with trailer

Shoestrings has gone to a good home. Thanks for looking. :slight_smile: (Leaving post below for historical pricing)

Hello all,

I recently purchased “Shoestrings” and now have her up for sale after re-evaluating my boat needs. She’s a Sam Morse boat, hull number 21. Overall, she’s in good shape, just needs replacement of some of the items you would expect… boomkin, possibly bowsprit, most of the metal rigging anchors. I’m going to be working on her, but as I’ve decided to sell, I thought I would put her up on the board to see if anyone wanted to take her as-is. Once I get her in better shape, the price will only go up.

To move her to her current location (Lebanon, New Hampshire) I had a brand-new Triad trailer built for her. Twin axles, hydraulic disk brakes, LED lighting, 4 jacks so you can lift it entirely off the tires, mast support, boarding ladder. Trailer was delivered June 10 so as of this writing it’s less than a month old.

I’m asking $40,000 in current condition. Please contact me at:

hypothetical (at) gmail (dot) com

Jason F.