Falmouth Cutter 22 Narwhal hull #001 for sale

I am selling my factory built Falmouth Cutter 22 hull#001. Please go to :
for details.


Aloha. Just curious what you used on your bulwarks and exterior teak. Absolutely beautiful boat. Thank you in advance.

Hi John,

I first cleaned the teak with water and soap. I then applied 2 layers of Semco teak sealer with a foam brush.

Fair winds,

Good morning Antonio.
Your listing is like a Christmas present for me. Narwhal was my small home 30+ years ago when I was living near New Orleans. I became her second owner when the couple who had her built moved up to a Bristol Channel Cutter. I had to part with her when I got married. It is wonderful to see her again, and in such beautiful condition. It looks like she has been very well cared for.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Lyle Hess about the design of this boat, referred to originally as a Norsea 22. He said he designed it as his personal boat. His dream was to take her to Europe where she would be his home as he explored via the many rivers and canals. Sadly he was never able to see that dream fulfilled.
Soon it will be time for new adventures.


Thank you, Antonio. I am thinking of slowly replacing the varnish on my boat (several years and layers) to get back to a more natural matt finish that is hopefully easier to maintain.

Hi Larry,

It’s always nice to hear from someone who appreciates classic sailboats. Your story sounds wonderful but I regret to inform you that I think the boat you are referring to is the NS 001, not the FC 001 which is what Narwhal is. Narwhal has only ever been in California and the Sea of Cortes, it never made a stop in New Orleans.
I just wanted to let you know, thanks!