Falmouth Cutter 22

Hi all,

Is there a similar group for Falmouth Cutter as this BCC group?




Ron Walton built a great Falmouth Cutter Owners website. He has published all the old FC Newsletters going back to the 80’s on the site. The newsletters are fun to read. I particularly enjoy the reading Lyle Hess’s feedback to fleet questions. That is really neat to have a great shipwright answer questions that I had about my

We don’t have a message board yet, but, I’ve thought of setting one up on Yahoo and asking Ron to add the link to the homepage. Since we have only 30 some boats, our fleet is much quieter than the BCC group. But, I think a message board might useful.

The URL to the Falmouth Cutter Owners Website is:



Terry Hill
FC#19 Angelsea
Atlanta, GA

There is a web site that posts pictures and a GREAT newsletter (see link below). The archives of the newsletter actually have some commentary written by Lyle Hess himself and each issue discusses the exploits of the owners.