Fatty Knees chocks

Hi All,
I am awaiting delivery of a 7ft Fatty Knees for White Wings III shortly.
Does anyone have plans or dimensions for the chocks required to be able to store the dinghy on top of the cabin?
Many thanks,

Hello Ignazio,

I have chocks for my Fatty Knees. I will get some measurements and dimensions this weekend and can post the sizes and pictures for you.



Please see the attached sketches and photos. I think the bronze holders are from Spartan Marine.
BCC28 Fatty Knees Chocks.pdf (3.5 MB)

Thank you so much Peter. Really appreciated. The sketches will be really helpful.
The links to the photos don’t seem to work for me

Here are the pictures. Let me know if you need anything else.

Great. Thanks again Peter

It looks like Spartan don’t make those holders anymore. I might have to go with something in stainless, unfortunately

Try reaching out to Pete and Cathy at Port Townsend Foundry. They might have some molds for brackets in their inventory.

Thanks again Peter. The teak chocks are now ready and I am waiting for the bronze parts.
How do you lash the FK securely but still in a way that a rogue wave would only carry away the dinghy and not the whole cabin roof? I assume that the bronze holders are held in place with self tapping screws and not through-bolted and that you lash the stern of the FK to those cleats you have on the chocks. Is the bow lashed to the forward chock?

The small cleats on the chocks are used to secure the dinghy. However, strapping it down with a ratchet strap for a passage would not be a bad idea.