Fatty Knees refit

Shaula’s 7’ Fatty Knees is 30 yrs old and has served us well, but has needed some work for some time. At the end of this summer’s cruise, the brass I attached to the bottom of the keel finally broke at the daggerboard slot. About 5 yrs ago, I replaced the forward 1’ of brass, and then the aft 2’. I used copper which was thicker (about 1/16"), rather than brass, because it was available where we were in Australia. So now I’ve just finished the middle 4’ section, also with copper. Cutting out the slot for the daggerboard was easier than expected, with a saber saw. There’s 8 or 10 FH machine screws (8x32) holding the 3 pieces on, with 3M 4000 stickum.

Has anyone replaced the teak pieces around the sides? I’m in the process, as the wood has been broken in the oarlock area. I’ll also replace the oarlocks which are worn and now a sloppy fit. I haven’t decided on whether to replace the 1" rope fender with rope again, or with something else. Small fenders? Foam fill canvas?
Dan Shaula BCC 59