Fatty Knees

Hello All,

I’m curious about fitting a Fatty Knees on the capin top of a BCC.
I believe they can be had in 7’, 8’ & 9 ’ models.

Is there one size that’s recommended for the BCC ?

Thank you.

I like to see where I am going and putting dink on cabin top is an impediment plus there is no place for a mast secured boom vang. Ergo, we keep the new modified Cherub on the skuttle hatch forward of the mast. Issue with Fatty knees is the centerboard box. Buy a Cherub from our new builder in Port Townsend,Cape George Marine,phone 360 385 3412.

nathaniel berkowitz, sausalito california

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Hello All,

I’m curious about fitting a Fatty Knees on the capin top of a BCC.
I believe they can be had in 7’, 8’ & 9 ’ models.

Is there one size that’s recommended for the BCC ?

Thank you.

The only size that will work is the 7 footer. The distance between the mast and the dodger which most boats carry is just over 7’.

Having the dinghy on the cabin top keeps the foredeck clear. However it does block the view directly forward so one has to look around the dinghy to see ahead of the boat. It will require dinghy chocks to be installed. With dinghy chocks you can’t have a turtle or sea hood to protect the sliding hatch from water sprayed on it and going down the companionway unless it is completely closed. Having the dinghy on the cabin top makes having dorade vents mounted difficult.

With the dinghy on the foredeck you must move it out of the way in order to anchor. So there are trade offs with either location. The Cherub can fit either location but the Fatty Knees has to go on the cabin top. Although I own the Cherub, I think the Fatty Knees is probably a better boat.

Ron Thompson
Ho’okahiko 97

Rons got it – tough to fit a hard dinghy on a 28’ boat either way. I like a clear foredeck… but I had hank on sails, so was up there often. I had the 7’ on the cabin. It was convenient and easy to launch/retreive there using main halyard.

It def gets in the way, but you just have to peer around the side… not a big deal. It does decrease cabin house top space when you are trying to get up and furl or reef. That right there was my biggest complaint…but nothing worth writing home about.

I vanged out to the bulwarks, and tacked my vang/preventer, so that wasnt an issue.

I did have a turtle over my main slider, onto which the stern chocks were built.

FK7 is a great boat for its size!

The reason I asked about the Fatty Knees is that there’s a used 7 footer on Ebay which I had thought I might buy. I’ve decided not to bid on this but to order a new one instead.

In case anyone is interested in bidding on this there’s still about three days left on the auction.


Good luck !


Wow – SWEET deal! I’d be all over that…

Just throwin’ it out there, I have an 8’ Trinka with sailing rig and oars to sell. I stored it on the foredeck and loved the dinghy but am building a nesting pram right now to store on the cabin top. Cheers, Ray

Guys I have a Dyer dhow which is great, store over the scuttle but getting the anchor sorted out etc is a pig, the other thing about hard shells is getting in and out of. MY wife has a bum knee and finds it difficult, was thinking of a rubber ducky and just deflate and store on the coach roof. Jeremy and Nica used one and find it great, difficult choices.

Ahoy everyone , I v much like my Fatty Nees 7’ , stored on the cabin top.

Early on under the influence of L & L recommendations, I decided that a “Life Boat” , would better suit my needs , than a “Life Raft”.

I did fabricate my own “Air filled” tubes and haphazardly was able to attach them to my Fatty Nees sides.

Later, I discovered the tube kit that Walker Bay sells, and now I want to install that kit on my "F N ",

I found that even when inflated , my " F N " tubes , still allowed side deck access , Fwd , when my " F N " was in it’s cabin top storage position, those self fabricated tubes didn’t interfear with my sailing gear , phew !

So , I ask , has anyone else adapted those Walker Bay tubes to their Fatty Nees dinghy ?

Please report the details , BCC Calliste , Singapore

I unfortunately do not have a Fatty Knees; however, I do have a locally-made (Vancouver) 7’ fibreglass sailing dinghy to which I attached the Walker Bay tubes. They were easy to attach (a “rail” is attached to each side of the dinghy with screws and then a rib on the tubes slides into the rail). They are a near-perfect fit and function very well (i.e., add stability; provide a built in “bumper” when the dinghy is aside the mothership; make it easy to get into and out of the dinghy; etc.).

However, due to my dodger arrangement, I cannot carry the dinghy on deck, and therefore tow it (not offshore though).