Fatty Knees

While researching before I bought Elise, there were was alot of talk of the 7ft Fatty Knees and it sitting on the cabin top, but no pictures.I took some today just setting the dinghy up on the cabin, right now just to get a sense of it and will make chocks later this year. My initial impression is that the overhang is actually good. Climbing in, there is room to put your head into the dinghy, if it were shorter the transom would be in the way.I’ll post other pictures when I get the chocks made.

The pictures of the dinghy just set in place.

The pictures

Looks like a nice fit, and photos of the new chocks once complete will be great to see. Check your private messages when you get a chance.

Interesting stout. When I owned Elise (Angelsea) I had the 7’ FK and never attempted puting it on the cabin top. I always thought there was not enough clearence between cabin and boom.

Good job! Keep us posted.

The chocks are done with photos for the archives. I kept the dinghy up for a few days and by the end I was pretty used to having it there. All the drop boards need to be out to get in and out, going in is easier, and I found getting out worked best backing out.


I haven’t quite figured out how to post text and pictures.So this is another 2 part post.I finally got the chocks done.I laminated some mahogany and made the brackets from bronze angel stock. I left the dinghy up for a few days to get used to it being on the cabin. It was a little bit of a hassle at first, but I got the hang of it. All the drop boards need to be out to get in and out and I found it worked best to go out backwards when exiting. The over hang does help the situation, if it was any further forward the transom or rear seat would be in the way of my head. We’ll see how it goes, but right now I’m pretty pleased.

We have the 8 foot Fatty Knees, and place the stem aft, on chocks. A lot of windage. The boom rests on the dinghy keel and is lifted over the keel when needed.

Building a bicycle frame and fork is perhaps easier than solving the dink storage challenge.

Nice Job and Well Done,


Thanks Rod. Much easier and such a different skill set.