FC-22 HIN #s

Though I would just start a new thread on this one to get away from any “bad Karma” of the other thread:-)

Jolly Dolphin’s HIN # is SFJFC0030580

According to Surveyor “SFJ” is manufacturer’s code for SLM (not sure how they got that) “FC” is the model “003” is the hull number and “0508” is date of manufacture (May, 1980). Anyone have a different opinion or different first three letters on their SLM FC HIN# ?

Thanks to all, glad to see I am not the only one who was confused about the HIN on FC :slight_smile:

Peace and fair winds,

Hi Joel,

Your surveyor’s interpretation of the HIN conforms with mine. My FC is hull #5 from Sam Morse.

ron walton
editor: FC News

A basic ammendement was made to the FC database as a consequence of the information provided.