FC 22 wanted...

Dear All,
I am looking for an FC22, prefer a later model that is still mostly original, trailer and inboard diesel preferred…
Please let me know if you are aware of any that might be for sale…
Thank you very much and great forum - I have enjoyed reading much of it!
Best Regards

I have hull number 11. Boat name honu. I am offering it for 55K Has trailer etc.

Hi Richard,
Honu…I have recently been making enquiries about her through Tom in Florida. He has passed on your answers to some of my queries - much appreciated! I had also hoped to get some pictures of inside lockers, cupboard and bilge spaces.
She is a well kept boat - a credit to you!
My email address is jasonthrupp@outlook.com
Kind Regards

Okay. I’ll see her this weekend and can take some pictures to send to you. Continue to work with Tom, he’s a good fellow and will find you the right boat if given half a chance.