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Does anyone out there know why the Falmouth Cutter Database on this site is not working? Every time I try to go to the page it takes me to the BCC Database. Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks for the help!

Hi Coconutz,

I know this is a reply to a very old message, however I am having the same experience with the FC database. I don’t think the Sam L. Morse website gets much administrative attention anymore. Damn shame too. I just purchased a FC22 back in June. Sure would be nice to network with other FC22 owners.

I see that you do (or have done) some off shore cruising with your boat. Do you have a blog site, etc. I’d love to learn more about your adventures.

Peter Copenhaver
FC22 “Puffin” #23
Marquette, Mi

My Apologies, gentlemen!

The issue, which is now fixed, seems to have occurred when we renewed the server.

Again, Apologies

No problem, John. Thanks for taking care of that. The database appears to be working just fine now. Thanks again…


P.S. I now own Puffin, hull#23, if you wish to update that on the FC22 database.

Hi John:

I’d like to request a database update as well. I’ve just purchased Bandit, hull #2, built in 1980 from Sid. My name is Cal Clements and we are in Athens, GA, where I’ll do some work on this beautiful boat.


Hi Cal, and welcome!

The database has been updated.

I would also request an update. No. 17 what was Jack Russel, has been owned by Sascha and Kate Ebert for over a decade. We renamed her “Hopscotch”, and moor her in Port Townsend.
Sascha Ebert.

Done! It helps if people tell us :wink:

Not sure if you caught it earlier in the thread, John but I am the new owner of FC Puffin #23. She is now sails on the cold, deep and wild waters of Lake Superior.
And does a mighty fine job of it too, I might add…

Peter Copenhaver
Marquette, Michigan

Peter Copenhaver Puffin #23
Lake Superior-Marquette, Michigan