FC Forum

Thanks to John and Sumio for creating the new FC Forum. Hopefully it will become a source of information and pride for FC owners and an additional and valued resource to the FC News that Ron Walton produces and the Falmouth
Cutter Owner Association Yahoo Group. I should add that the FC archives on
Ron’s FC News site contain much historic and relevant information on the FC.

I and others have posted numerous FC specific messages on the BCC Forum. It might be useful to consider transferring those messages to this Forum to have Falmouth Cutter specific material available in one convenient location.


Hi Jerry:

Hopefully we will get the messages transferred, but it takes a LOT of time to do this, as our mesage format is completely different to the Yahoo system.

Obviously, the site is intended to provide, free of charge, and more importantly, free of advertising, a venue where FC Owners can exchange views and experiences.

Although the forum is part of the Sam L. Morse website, the company has no direct influence on what is being discussed, but I, as the webmaster, reserve the right to remove posts that are advertising, or contain bad language.

Enjoy the site.