FC fuel tank

I’ve had my boat for a number of years now, and I try to consume my fuel before filling again. There are two questions/comments that I have:

  1. I can never get more than about 9 gal of fuel into the tank, so I suspected that my vent was clogged, trapping ulage and preventing a complete fill. I replaced the vent fitting and checked the hose. All is clear, and I seem to have have a full tank. I decided to verify the advertised 15 gal tank capacity, so I measured it. It is a trapezoidal solid, 10 in fore/aft, 9 in high on the aft side, 13 in high on the forward side, and 27 in wide. That volume computes to 2970 cu in or 1.72 cu ft, which is about 12.8 gal. I guess that the spec is not correct. This is a comment, and it is related to the next question.

  2. Here is the question … does anyone have an issue with getting air in the fuel system when heeling 25 - 30 deg on a low tank? I have this recurring problem, and it may be tank design related or I may have an air leak in the feed line, where it allows the fuel to drop back into the tank when the fuel pickup is exposed to the ulage. I am working on finding that leak, and I suspect a dubiously installed electric bleed pump that came with the boat. I will look there first, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem.