Fender Washers

I’m in the process of potting my deck and re-bedding the hardware. Does anyone know if there’s a logical reason not to use bronze fender washers as replacements for the factory installed 316 SS washers for the deck cleats? I would think bronze would be fine for a shear load, but not sure of the other factors involved. The rest of the hardware is bronze, so it seems the fender washers should be bronze as well? Thanks…

I can think of no reason not to use bronze. In fact I would prefer it over steel.

Hi I am a bronze kind of guy , you could use bronze fender washers to replace your SS washers, with little effect, but staying with under deck SS fender washers should not create problems either .

Most of our boats are a mix of SS and bronze hardware , from SS clevice pins and bronze toggles, or turnbuckles , ect., , but I use SS split pins in those SS clevice pins, not bronze split pins , it is my personal preference to build in a reserve of neglect when ever possible .

Often I use or “marry” SS and bronze together to avoid rusting on the SS componant, and this works well for me . I don’t mind my bronze going green !

The deck cleat bolts should not be exposed to the salt water under the deck where the nuts are , so without a leak, there should not be a problem with corrosion on either SS or bronze .

I do use bronze washers for a multitude of other applications, because they are so machineable with the electric hand drill or dremel tool .

Recently creating a washer modified silicon bronze flat ferrel catch for my umbrella that would’nt stay open . That works a treat as L & L would say, as I need at least some success’es in my daily life .

L O L , Douglas