Fixing holes in the white board

Hi All,

I have a few holes in the white grooved board in the interior of Elizabeth, from removing screws from various electronics mounts etc… I was wondering if anyone has suggestions or tips for fixing those holes. My thought was to either use gel coat just like a hull repair, or to find more of the same material and do a bung style fix.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

Ben, having done lots of gel coat repairs I would rule out this method, it just takes to much time to get any kind of suitable results, and in the end it never looks the same. I like the idea of doing a bung style repair, if you were carefull and used matching gel coat as the glue that might be a good option. Cape George Cutters has the material, you might get them or someone else on the forum doing a project to send you an offcut.

Good luck,

Thanks Brooks,

I contacted Todd, and he recommended filling with bondo & then white gelcoat - he said the sheets didn’t cut well, and wouldn’t make clean bungs… but he did say he has sheets available in 8x8’ if anyone needs some.

So, I’ll give that a shot, and see how it goes for me… certainly a slight color mismatch will look better then these holes I’ve got now :wink:


are those 8x8 sheets still $400.00?

Hi Ben , Oh gosh, I have had that problem too. Just for temporary fix, I use a brass finishing washer and philips head screw, to cover up the hole .

Gee you had that same problem on deck as well .

B T W , didn’t you mention that you got your Ham license so you could send emails onboard through a Pactor II connected to your SSB and puter ?

If you did do this what did you use for a serial port on your puter and did it work well ?


Your BTW is a great topic. How about starting a new thread?