flange bushings

i am replacing the 3 bushings that fit in the 3 gudgeon and pintles. any east coast suppliers recs?

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply

Jo Anne,
Try McMaster-Carr

BCC Odyssey


i sent them an e-mail. thanks for the lead.

mcmaster-carr responded to my e-mail. they are unable to provide a bushing- any other suggestions for sources?

Have a small machine shop make them. Small machine shops charge about $50 per shop hour. It will take them about 2 shop hours to turn out 6 bushings (extra) You can supply the Delrin stock.

anyone using teflon?

There is a recent thread on the Nor’sea Forum, that tackles this same subject. Plenty of good knowledge over there too. Have a look.

thanks ben, i will.

sorry, i don’t know what that is a picture of-handcuffs maybe?

Teflon will flow when placed under pressure. The result is the bushing will deform.