Floor Boards

Does anyone have any idea what finish was applied to the teak floor boards during Sumio’s watch at SLM? I have all of my floor boards out to service my water tanks and I figure this would be a good time to do some maintenance by sanding and refinishing them. Also, I’m thinking about applying epoxy to the edge of the underside of the floor boards that that have sharp edges from being scribed to the interior hull shape to help keep them from splintering. Any thoughts on this?

Those knife edges on the floor boards are too soft and split off way too easy .

Maybe try to stiffen up the edges , and ply end
grain with something like a hard epoxy , will be my try in the future .

I’m almost embarrassed to say I don’t know - I’ve been aboard 3 or 4 of the Sumio-era BCCs and I’ve not paid attention.

Zygote (BCC 116) was delivered to use without any finish to the cabin sole. We applied two thinner-diluted coats of varnish. And that’s how it’s remained.

I’ve looked carefully at other Sumio-era boats and never taken notice of what’s been on the sole.



Douglas & Bil - thank you for responding, it’s very much appreciated.

I’m going to use System Three epoxy on the bottom edge of my floor boards to help prevent splintering. Also, I intend to begin sanding my floor boards this weekend and will probably treat them with the thinned varnish that has worked so well for you Bil.