Fools rush in

I second what John said, though I must admit the “fools rush in” stung and
hit home.

For me it has become all about building the boat, which is just as well
because it would
be unwise for me to take my partner sailing if I want her to stay around and
if I go alone
no doubt she would go feral on me.

But this building has become a [life long] love affair. Frustration over not
knowing what I don’t know has led to putting the major projects on hold
while I gather
the knowledge to really do it right. No seriously, REALLY do it right. I’ve
enrolled in
the Macnaughton yacht design school and we are packing up lock stock and
boat to
move coast to coast into position to attend the Northwest School of Wooden

When she is done I’ll sail her a while then sell her and start another.
Perhaps one of
Lyle’s smaller wooden cutters.

Another side show project is an accurate BCC three dimensional interior
study using Rhino 3D.

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In my view, building a boat appeals most to the less experienced,
but requires vast experience to know exactly what you want. I have
built a boat only to find my needs change during the years-long
process. I too thought about buildng a BCC from a hull and deck. For
me, it came down to whether I wanted to build a boat or sail a boat.
There is a great chapter on building in Annie Hill’s book “Voyaging on
a Small Income”. It is titled “Fools Rush In”, and gives some sound
criteria of when it makes sense to build your own versus buying used.

John Churchill