For Sale: Full Boat Cover (unavailable currently)

I think that i want to give up my full cover. It is in two sip-together pieces for easier storage. I believe it has been used only once or twice. Includes sail bag for storage.

$600, local pickup in Philadelphia, PA, or buyer pays shipping.

(sorry, currently cruising and it’s in storage, so unavailable)

PM sent

Is this cover still available?

Is this cover still available?

Mark, Amica, yes, it is still available. I’m very sorry for the (wow) 2-year delay. I have been very busy and this slipped my Mind.

Amica, i will contact you first, you can have first dibs since you send me a PM first.

Mark, if Amica doesn’t want it, you are next.

Thank you both, my apologies.

Is your boat cover still for sale if so could you send me some pictures @
All the best

Yes, still available, but Duncan from Amica was first to respond so I getting the first turn at it. I’ll email you so you can take a look in case Duncan doesn’t get it.


I’m also interested in this boat cover. If it’s still available, I’m able to do a local pick up in Philadelphia.



Jack Borden and SV_LibertyBelle,

thanks for writing. It seems that i don’t get email notifications about threads, so didn’t know there were replies.

Duncan passed on the cover, so it is still available, but I’m out cruising and it’s in a storage unit, so unfortunately it can’t change hands right now :frowning:

SV_LibertyBelle, I’m in New York currently, no longer in Philly. You’re near Philadelphia? that’s neat!

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Thank you for the tip, John. And thanks for all you do on this website :slight_smile:

Hi, I was wondering if the boat cover finally sold. If still for sale I am interested. Thank you!


thanks for the interest. I still have the cover - the delay is that it had been in my storage unit and I wasn’t able to go pick it up.

I have promised it to someone previously, but if you’re still interested, i’ll contact people in the order that they’ve contacted me (first-come, first-served) if it falls throught.

Hope everyone is well.