Force 10 Cozy Cabin heater burners

I have found a source that claims to be the supplier
for burners for the Force 10 Cozy Cabin Heater. He
said he just shipped 150 burners to Force 10 to
complete their last production run and he has 800
burners in stock.

He also clarified the burner jet stamp coding, noting
that the Patria jets had no stamp, A=Alcohol, G=white
gas like coleman cook stove fuel, M=multi-fuel
kerosene & white gas, not the auto gas previously
suggested (jet information taken from Optimus parts

He also mentioned the burners will not burn diesel
very well, tend to clog the burners. Force 10
instructions mention clogging problems associated with
fuels other than clear, probably automotive grade #2
and winter grade #1 clear which is reported to be cut
with kerosene.

Bob said, Now the “M” on the nipple is for kerosene or
white gas .0145" there is no nipple designed
specifically for diesel. The only other nipple
available is a “A” nipple for alcohol .017"

When I get a chance, I will measure the jets supplied
by Force 10 from Patria as diesel conversion to
determine if there is a jet size difference, who

In another note: Does anyone have any information on
the Taylors 079D diesel heater? I have the only
illustrated parts breakdown JPG files Taylors was able
to provide over the web.

Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock

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If your looking at replacement parts for your kerosene burner for your Force 10 Cozy Cabin heater, no longer in production by Force 10, the remaining burners can be purchased through Force 10's supplier:
you can email Bob at:
The burners as supplied to Force 10 have the external treaded bottom to bolt the burner to the heater, but do not have internal threads for plumbing the supply line, you will need to use a 1/8" pipe tap to make these threads. Cost of burners are $65.00
Best Wishes,
Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock

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