Force 10 kerosene/diesel heater replacement

I was surfing the web looking for a diesel heater for our Pan Oceanic 46 a few years ago and found Sigmar diesel heaters, as relayed to me from a friend and Sigmar diesel cook stove owner, he said the guys at Sigmar in Canada were co-owners of,or worked with the guys at Dickinson Marine at one time, memory is a little fuzzy as this was some time ago. The stove he bought is beautiful, cast iron top, stainless steel cabinet, it had its minor flaws, Ie. a few sharp edges which were easily taken care of and due to the large cook surface, it took a little while to come up to temperature. Overall its a nice piece of workmanship and a beautiful addition to his Angleman Seawitch.
At the time, we chose the Dickinson Newport diesel heater based on price and have been pleased with our purchase. The Sigmar heaters look very similar in appearance to the Dickinson heaters, unlike Dickinson, Sigmar does not have a similar sales network. To become a Dickinson dealer, or pass-through sales agent, you can add the link to you web page and derive a profit from sales, with shipping direct from the distributor, excellent way to expand your market. Just a little tidbit of history.
However, Dickinson does not make a diesel heater that will replace the Force 10 heater we have in our BCC. Sigmar makes a little Sigmar 100 diesel heater I think we can adapt to take the Force 10's place.   The listed size of the Force 10 is Heigth 16.5" x Width 7.5" x depth 7", while the Sigmar 100 Height 13-3/8" x width 8" x Depth 9.5". The flue in the Force 10 is 1" where as the Sigmar is 3", Force 10 lists 1 gal/25 hour  at 6,000 BTU and Sigmar lists high fire at 1.5 gal/24 hours and 10,000 BTU, additionaly list Low Fire 3/4 gal/hr at 5,000 BTU, suitable for sail boat 22-32 ft.
We should be able to replace the starboard propane locker with a little diesel fuel tank and gravity feed the Sigmar heater, would make a clean conversion with out having to run piping from the main tank.
Food for thought, the Sigmar site is:
Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock

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Your may also want to consider the Dickinson P9000 propane heater.   The heater is equipped with a blower and coaxial chimney.  The inner chimney is for exhaust gasses and the outer chimney is used to draw in outside air for the firebox.  At 6,000 BTU's, the unit burns 20 lb. lpg over a 140 hour period.  At 9,000 BTU's the burn rate is higher.  We installed one of these units on our BCC.  Sigmar also makes a small diesel cabin heater with two chimneys - one for exhaust gasses and the other for make-up air.  Our experience so far is the unit keeps the main saloon warm down to an outside temperature of about 30 F - 6,000 BTU setting.  We do not have any experience with the heater when the outside temperature is below 30 degrees F.
Fair Winds,