Force 10 Stove Thermocouple problems

Has any one else had trouble with a Force 10 thermocouple, not keeping the gas to the burner going ?

Some thermocouples are electrically activated with generated milivolts, and a testing proceedure is described in Nigel Calders book.

This thermocouple has only a copper tube , and I need to understand how it works.

Does anyone know of a field repair, that can be done, to make it function again ?

Force 10 factory in Canada has been very slow to reply by email and to ship replacement Force 10 stove parts, which are very expensive and shipping tripples that part cost.


Ah Hah ! Problem solved, as simple as wading up a small tinfoil ball and inserting that into the shaft hole of the burner knob.

It was found that the “DEPRESS” position upon turning the knob to light the burner, was being inhibited by the plastic knob skirt, touching down on the dial surface, and not allowing the valve shaft to “FULLY” depress the solenoid stem,in the valve body.

When the thermocouple is heated by the flame, generates a 1.5 milli volt, which holds the solenoid in an open position, and allows the gas to flow, when the knob is released.

This diognistic took 3 of us 2 hours of intense collaberation and experimentation, to discover, such and “outside the box”, problem.

There was actually no problem with the thermocouple or the burner valve.

Phew , we all enjoyed the cold one, after that success .