Fore Hatch Hinges

Hi all!

Does anyone know the proper dimensions for the foreward hatch hinges commonly used on BCCs?

I’ve seen BCCs and FCs set up where the forward hatch uses 2 or 3 hinges per side so the hatch can open forward or aft for airflow, or be removed for loading/unloading sailbags, but my BCC just has strap hinges equipped currently.

So, wondering - what is the appropriate size for these?

IE: like these:

While this post is a little dated, I just saw it and wanted to respond.

The width is approximately 3” wide, the height is approximately 3 1/2” tall and the thickness of the arm is approximately 3/8” thick. They stick out approximately 1 1/4”.strong text

Thanks, Peter. Just what I wanted to know.

I used two stainless each of the heavy duty ones shown in your email. Also on the skylight…aft side only.