Freehand Steering System_Upper Unit Install_Part3

Hi Falmouth Skippers,

Welcome back to Part 3 of how to install the Freehand Steering System. I’ve enlisted Ken Banks with his BCC “Solimar” to come in for a clean and adjust and add the new “Bearing Plate” to his Freehand. Also joining me is Geoff Jenks, Falmouth owner to follow up where we left off from Part 2 of installing the lower unit.

Included in the description box below are three linked appendixes,

(a) ?Description of the Metal Parts?..

(b) ?Bending on the Sail?,

(c) ?Installing the Frame to Wheel?.

Hope these short movies answers any of your questions that you might have regarding the vertical axis Freehand Steering System.

Feel free to contact me at Mav5252

Mike Anderson

Click here for the movie: