freehand wind vane

In case anybody is interested, I have an unused Freehand windvane and all fitting for sale, any offers? It is in Baltimore, MD. 202 255 5556.

I removed the Freehand system trim tab and gudgeo’s from the rudder for Robin. This is a new unit and the upper section of the system was never mounted on Aura.


I would like to clear up any misunderstanding regarding my project to build a Freehand vane.
Someone reported to Mike Anderson that I was planning to copy his design and sell them under the name of Windpilot.
This person, though no doubt well-meaning is entirely mistaken.

The Windpilot is my existing vane mounted on the end of the boomkin as can be seen in the attached picture.
I want to replace it with a Freehand, and then I will have one surplus Windpilot for sale to any interested party.
I hope this is clear !!!