Friends in Nippon

Any news from friends and BCC owners in Nippon?

The crew of the Adams 40 s/v Nirai, Asao Shige san and Riri san, are safe in Tokyo looking after elderly parents. Nirai is safe on the hard in Penang, Malaysia.

I’ve not heard from Oya Sumio san. Anyone with news of Sumio and his family?

What about Warren, who was living near Tokyo last I heard?

Or Kishida san with BCC Sagitta, who was in Osaka last I heard?



Oya Sumio san is currently in Panama City with Roger Olsen; we talked on the phone the day before the quake hit.

Two thumbs up.

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 9:39 PM, BCC Forums wrote:

Here’s hoping Warren and his boat are OK.

Good news - Warren and his boat are OK.

I quote…

“I’m fine and Voyager is too. Apparently the tsunami drained the canal about 70% then came in with a rush that tossed the boats around roughly before peaking about a half meter over the high tide mark. My boat is tied up to a pontoon that itself is an improvised tie up, so I think I dodged a bullet there.”