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We chatted briefly about the feathering props. but for the rest of the BCC
group, here’s a quick summary of what I have discovered.

I talked to the PYI MaxProp people and, from measurements alone, it appears
that the standard MaxProp is possibly too long for the BCC’s aperture
(Aloha’s, anyway). However, by shortening the prop shaft a bit, I could
fit the prop. It would be most easily cut from the engine end since the
prop end is tapered and threaded. Depending on how much is cut off, the
keyway might have to be replaced. I wasn’t really interested in all of

At the AC boat show, I just happened to see a prop on a Dehler 41 that
looked much like the MaxProp in hub diameter and blade shape, but the hub
was much shorter. After a little research and some help from the Annapolis
Dehler dealer (many thanks to Paul Rosen), the prop turned out to be a
SailProp, manufactured by an established German firm named Prowell. It is
distributed by International Marine Technology Associates (IMTA) in
Annapolis, phone (800) 606-0589 or (410) 626-6007. Mr. Eckhard Breineder
is the US representative. Price is competitive with the MaxProp, and each
prop’s diameter and pitch range is tailored (by the use of a pretty
sophisticated model) to your individual boat, engine, and the loads you put
on it. Their web page is www.imtacorp.com.

I have a 16.5" Sailprop installed on Aloha now and it seems to be working
fine. The engine (Yanmar 3GM30F) will reach its max design RPM (3500) and
Aloha is very close to hull speed at that RPM. I’ve only had a brief
amount of running time on it so far - about an hour, just the time it took
to get Aloha from the winter storage marina to her pier at Holiday Hill.
The biggest difference I noticed was when I put it in reverse. The
advertisement is for at least 90% more reverse thrust. It is at least
that, and the prop-walk seems to be reduced. I haven’t had an opportunity
to check the difference when sailing with it feathered yet, but I would
expect a modest increase in the light air performance. No special
alignment or actions are required to feather the prop. You just stop your
engine and the water flow (anything over 1.5 - 2 knots) will align the
blades with the ambient flow.

Drop me a note if you have any questions.

Tom Walker
Aloha - BCC #95

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