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Would anyone care to comment on a gaff rig for a BCC?  I know going to windward would suffer and it would seem to be a lot more work to sail.  I have no experience with this rig.  Thanks.   Greg

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Greg, Pam, and Sara Brockdorf wrote:

Would anyone care to comment on a gaff rig for a BCC? I know going to
windward would suffer and it would seem to be a lot more work to
sail. I have no experience with this rig. Thanks. Greg

Greg - Gaff is different in a variety of ways. Windward ability is
largely a function of headsails and your gaff topsail, and when tweaked
just right, you’ll be surprised what she’ll do. Read Tom Cunliffe’s
“Hand, Reef and Steer” for a very practical overview of gaff and all the
benefits. Downwind you’ll eat everyone else’s lunch, by the way, don’t
forget that. And if you really want to eat the heart out of the wind you
might want a boat other than a BCC in the first place.

Ryan McNabb

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I'm not sure I understand this thread. Was somone looking for a Gaff design suitable for use on a Sam Morse BCC?
If so, look at the beautifully drawn Gaff on the 32foot design of Mark Smaalders here
 Also any of these could help...........................(If I've got it wrong, they are handy links/refs anyway.)
Antonio Dias ??
Paul Gartside Oysterman 4.5t (22x9x4.4) .. ClassicBoat 134 p93 ...
Daniel Z Bombigher .....Zoe 30ft really nice  ......... Classic Boat 134  page 91
Chuck Paine-Rockport 30 -Western Approaches Cutter ..
       by Roger Dongray...specs...
Nigel Irens 40 & 50ft WesternmaN ...
        built by Covey Is. Boatworks ...
                            Zinnia  30ft............... Classic Boat 128 pp22-28
Selway Fisher Pilot Cutter Martlet 30...a 2000 ply design  

Don, I ran into a BCC in the Bahamas in the late 1980’s
named "JACARA’, I believe it was. I can’t remember its hull
number or
the owners, but you might be able to find it in the BCC’s
list. I know there’s one around somewhere. I have the marconi
rig and
am very happy with it after 20-years.

I am planning on having a BCC made here in the next 2-4 years
and am seriously considering gaff rig. In fact, I am probably
going with gaff although the marconi on the BCC is supposed to
give you everything the hull will do. I would be interested to
know the opinions of others on this topic. Most of my sailing
will be downwind and I have no interest in racing, so pointing
doesn’t mean as much to me as it perhaps does to others.

Thanks for any help.

Ryan McNabb

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I am new to this listing, and am looking for information on the
modifications necessary to convert a BCC or Falmouth Cutter to gaff
rig. While I currently live in England, I am about to move back to
the US (Rhode Island) and must sell my beloved 23’ gaff rigged
Falmouth Workboat, ‘Ammonite.’ As a result, I will be looking for
something similar on my return, and the BCC appears to fill the bill
as far as the hull is concerned, but all that I have seen are bermuda-
rigged (anathema!). While the Morse company has indicated that they
have some plans they would be willing to make available, I thought it
would be best to see if any of you have already done such a
conversion so I can gauge how realistic this option may be. Since I
am looking to end up with a gaffer with a pole mast tall enough to
take a jib-headed topsail (I’ve had enough of jackyards, thank you!),
I would guess the new mast would be about as tall as the usual
bermuda rig, but with a much longer bowsprit and larger headsails to
counter the increase in the mainsail. Can anyone confirm this? Also,
what modifications would be necessary to the shroud chainplates?

I’ve sailed on a gaff rigged BCC, Dilkara, and sweet she was. As for the
details, that was almost twenty years ago, and I don’t know much about the
differences in various types of gaff rigs to answer your questions.

Regardless, I think that the first step is to take advantage of the
information that is already out there from Lyle Hess’ drafting board. If Sam
Morse Co. or Lyle Hess daughter will share with you a study plan for
masthead and gaff rigs, it will probably answer most of your questions. I’m
sure they exist: I own plans to a FC and they show both sail plans, and I
know that the owner of Dilkara used the gaff BCC sailplan for his boat. Take
a look at what Mr. Hess drew as a starting point.

Good luck,

Tom Forhan