There are 11 images in the “New Uploads” portion of the gallery that I can’t attribute to any particular vessel as they are anonymous.

Could the owner(s) please contact me so that I can allocate them to the correct vessel.


Two of the mystery pics belong to Drew Dixon. He keeps Telos in Langley, WA, a small port on Whidbey Island. The Dad pic is Drew’s also. The Telos pics in gallery are from the previous owners. Unfortunately I don’t have Drew’s email address.


Thank you so much, only 4 more images to go!

John, The photo of the bits belong to Shanti. Also, the first two photos in Shanti’s gallery are not Shanti. (They are labeled “ghosting along” and “charging”) No I don’t know who they are.

One step forward, two steps back…

Thanks John

Thanks, Gary: Only 3 to go!