God is a traditionalist

It recently came to me that God is a traditionalist, in other words, he loves varnish.

Case in point, varnish as we might, we are allway falling behind. After many years of sole searching and countless hours baking in the sun,scraping, sanding and applying yet another coat of varnish to the bullworks, as our friends were blissfuly sailing out to sea; we finally came to the conclusion it was time to paint the bullworks, taftrail and boomkin.

Late spring has arrived and the sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds, the fourty days and nights of rain and freezing weather, has given way to warm sunny days.

Being a traditionalist at heart, I spent many sleepless nights pondering the rath of God and the decision to paint versus varnish. On that eventful day when the heat gun and scraper came out, the wind piped up and remained so for a week. Not to out done by the elements, I positioned my body between 30kt gusts and the 1500 degree heat gun, progress was slow, but progress none the less,careful not to burn the wood.

The Taftrail finally stripped and sanded, first primer coat went on. Horible winds, lets wait until the winds drop to sand and apply the first coat of ivory Toplac, I had two weeks before the Petaluma Cruise out to get it done, no sweat, got plenty of time.

As we loaded food, ice and wine on the boat for the cruise out, the taftrail was still in primer, mainsheet blocks still not mounted. In a mad rush we put the boat back together, we will get the paint on next week. So long as we stopped painting the weather became calm.

Next week came, off came the mainssheet blocks and stearn pulpit, clean sand and on went the first coat of Toplac paint. Half way through painting the boomkin and traftrail the winds came up, we finished the first coat in 25kt winds. Tomorrow will tell the story, it dried hard and flat, lets give it a week to throughly harden, and harden it did, even the saggs and holidays.

Then God woke up and said, “what did you do to my varnish” then the rains came…

This weekend, I think the forcasters are expecting flaming hail stones and froggs raining from the sky, think we can deal with that, but does anyone have anything to cure the plague?