Grounding for lightning strike

Controversial topic ehh, There are long winded discussions archived in the
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The copper grounding strap I saw them installing at the Sam L. Morse
factory was for radio installation.
I’m still undecided about what I will do on this. Options range from
attaching a chain to the standing rigging which can be dropped over the
side to that commercial “dispersing broom” at the top of the mast which
does seem to work.

Reuel Parker, in his book on cold molded boatbuilding, also takes
lightning strike very seriously. He shows a photograph of the hole a strike
blew in the bottom of his 44-foot cat schooner Teresa, which is 1 1/2 inch
thick triple lamination. The lightning traveled down the mast to the
battery boxes and then through the hull. Nothing in line above the
batteries was damaged; everything below was destroyed in a direct line to
the water. Now each mast is wired with #6 copper wire which runs to a 5/16"
bronze carriage bolt through hulled to a 12 inch copper plate on the
exterior. He is dead set against using any part of the standing rigging as
a grounding system. He never mentioned if his grounding system had been


Donald Kircher / Kokopelli

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