hatch Hardware

Does anyone know where I can purchase the hinge hardware for the skylight. A photo of the part I need is attached.

Hatch Hardware.jpg

Hello Graver,

I have a set of these hatch operators ( used ) which I removed from another boat.
They should clean up nicely. Please send me a privat e-mail if you are interested.
Best to you
SV “Lightfoot”

I have another related question – has anyone found a better solution for these hatch operators? I find them annoying.

I’m quite sure the hatch hardware is available from ABI.

Hi Ben, what has happened to your picasa website, as it has a goggle 500 error, and we can no longer access your photos ???

As for the hatch struts you find “annoying”, I would like to find a stronger strut, too, butttttttt

Well, I had to bite the bullet, and added a second one on the opposite side, because it became quite obvious to me that one side strut was in-adequite, for the load, it was holding up .

You, must be thinking, what if the fwd scuttle hatch was supported by the single as installed hatch strut, and you fell against the partially opened hatch, it is quite obvious that the single strut would fail, under the load imposed on it .

Soooo, I am hoping that you find a stronger way to support our forward hatch, and even our skylight hatches, to share with us, all .

While we are on the subject, will you find a better way or a more sturdy way to hinge the same hatch openings ???

I found a split in the wood on my forward scuttle hatch, skirt board, right where the bolts were, for the brnz hatch knife hinges. It seemed to me, that the whole forward scuttle hatch could carry away, quite easily, if it hadn’t been properly dogged down,in all four corners, from underneith.

I like your exploritory and descriptive photo dialog, on your recent discoveries, on your BCC, you help us all !

Like our famous boat designer’s , desire’s, I want to return to port, all in one piece, and have, had an exciting time,but, “SAFE TIME” , while “out there” !


Hmmm, not sure why the photo album isnt working. I did change one gallery title, which affects links, but the main gallery title is the same. Does the link in my signature not work?

I’ll let ya now if I find a better solution for scuttle hatch… I hope Gannon & Benjamin will be a source for many good ideas.

I’m headed over to Martha’s Vineyard in a few on the ferry with my new 316 wire, thimbles and Bronze T bolt Toggles to learn to splice 1x19 tomorrow… and begin the brutal task of 38 splices…Oi Vey.

RW Rope Warehouse is the importer for Davey & Co., England. Open the link and select “Door, Hatch & Interior Fittings.” If you want salty looking hardware that’s built for the demands of the sea, Davey & Co has the hardware. It’s not cheap because for the weakness of the dollar against the Euro.

We purchased a spool of English Braids, three-strand polyester buff from RW Rope. It’s expensive but it looks similar to heap cordage and has a nice hand.




Thanks everyone for your help. I found what I needed.

I really like the salty looking stuff made by Davey & Co.