Hauling out in Northern End of Gulf Of California

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IIRC someone on here had their boat hauled in the norther end of the Gulf Of California… Was that Wayne of BCC Odyssy ??

I’m considering a boat in Mexico and trying to get it trucked back to the USA…looking for any and all options to get a boat back w/o going thru Panama Canal. Any ideas out there?


Ben, if the boat is on the Pacific side, get it to San Carlos. Marina Seca there can truck it 6 hours to Tucson. We did this at the end of our Mexico tip in 2002. It was very easy then and the truck and trailer was first rate. A lot of people store their boats at Marina Seca and spend 3-4 month in the Sea of Cortez each season.

Ahoy Ben , there have been a number of boats hauled out at the north eastern end of Sea of Cortez, at a Marina there, then trucked back to the US .

There can be complications with the export, so I suggest that you do some searches of the archives , of sailing magazine “Latititude 38” . This is one of their articles :

" 55 mph to Windward - Truckin’ Her Home "

found on Google .

If Kate and Bernie would answer you , they would have some suggestions for you too .

This is exciting news , would you share with us the info on the boat you found ?

I am not sure when the hurricane season starts for that area, but be out of there or on hardstand if you have to still be there during that season .

We hauled at the marina in the mid-90s, with no problems. We left Shaula in the yard for a trip back to CA and anti fouled when we returned. They were starting to expand the dry storage area and that has become very popular with cruisers. I believe that there are now hundreds of cruising boats stored there over the hot, hurricane-summer months.

The “about us” on the Marina Seca website is a great story.

Dan Shaula

Awesome, thanks for replies everyone… still looking into the import duty issues with buying a foreign flagged boat in Mexico… seems there is a 35% tax! Doh!

The boat is in San Carlos now, and the truck cost to Tucson was quoted at $5400… ouch!

BTW… SAIL magazine Feb issue has a nice pic of Elizabeth in front of a MASSIVE iceberg :wink:

Hi Ben,

At one point we were looking at a boat in canada and my impression was, if the boat was manufactured in North America, it should be import duty free under NAFTA. It might help if you could provide some kind of certificate of origin.

Good luck!
BCC#32 Mandy

I purchased my Cape George in Vancouver, BC. There would have been a duty to be paid bringing back to US without proff of origin. The USCG had copy of builders certificate still on file (built in 1986 , Cecil M Lange ) If the boat was built in the states you should get some documentation to certify this to the customs people.

Good luck

SV Grey Seal

The boat was built in Australia, registered in Caymans, owned by a Canadian!



That really simplifies it…not. What type of boat are you condidering?
Built in Australia ?

SV “Grey Seal”