haulout charges?

Hi to everyone -

We are getting ready to haul the boat out, and I was disappointed by one yard’s response to my question about how charges are configured.

Has anyone else been quoted a haulout rate for their BCC based on OVERALL length?



Here in Hawaii they have always charged overall length for haul outs. That bowsprit is pretty expensive during haul out time.

Ron Thompson

Ho’okahiko 97


I have been quoted both ways, but every time, with a bit of smoozing, I have been able to convince the yard to charge for just the hull; not always the case in a marina though. Argue on the basis that you can fairly easily remove the bowsprit; it’s just bolted on. You can’t as easily remove a foot or two of the bow of your boat.

If they’re a real PITA about it, maybe it’s time to service your bowsprit :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Hey guys it is what it is. The overhangs are taking up usually valuable space when winter haulout and land storage is the case. We shipped our bowsprit aft once and that was once too much. If you can afford the extra it’s worth the time in re-setting the sprit.
Bob & Lois
BCC Jolie Brise