I wold love some pictures of your installed heaters, we are heading out in a few weeks and its still the middle of winter and freezing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I too would appreciate those photos.

I am also interested in photos of cabin heaters and their placement inside. I have until now done it with the Origo combined heater/cooker,placed loosely on the floor, but having succesfully used a Reflex stove and a Dickinson ditto in former boats in Patagonia and Spitzbergen, I would like to place similar in Puffin, if possible. Summer and winter may be quite chilly in Denmark

Stig, whats your take on the Origo?

Sorry that I answer this so late, barefootnavigator.
I have not yet used it much during sailing, but it seems quite useful, standing ?n the floor just before the forecabin. It is easy to light and adjust, but still smells and burns on the oxygen in the cabin. Let the air in!
However I would still prefer a fixed heater with chimney and bottom air intake.

Stig, Denmark
FC Puffin

Did you consider a diesel furnace? A previous owner installed a small Espar in my boat that works wonderfully. I had to reinstall wiring and ducting, but it puts out a lot of heat for very little fuel and electricity. My recommendation would be to look at the smallest unit that Webasto makes. Sure Marine carries the line … http://www.suremarine.com/

Because I have no engine, or fuel tank and am trying to keep the boat extremely simple I have ruled that out although it sounds wonderful.

i am considering installing a wallas diesel stove that has a blower lid that serves as a heater.http://www.scanmarineusa.com/wallas_stoves.html

oops! just re-read your post and saw you have no engine…i found this website when i was looking Stove History. they feature small wood burning stoves.

I think I’m going to test the little Origo heater and see how it goes, I have heard many good things about them, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Not a diesel heater but a couple of snapshots for you, also not a FC but hopefully give you some ideas

Tim Pearia
BCC Scallywag

Not a diesel heater, and not FC but give you some ideas

Tim Pearia
BCC Scallywag