Hello from Mandy's new owners...

 Just a notice that my girlfriend Erin and I recently purchased hull #32 (Mandy) from Richard and Virginia Cross.  Right now Mandy is on the hard in Deltaville, Va and we will be moving aboard full time in a few weeks to complete some recommissioning work.   We're very excited to get her back afloat early this fall!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here on the board.

Bob Young & Erin Maloney

Welcome to the BCC family. Mandy is a beautiful boat with several unique features, that I admire.


Thanks Rod,

She does have some quite unique features… like the spreader-less marconi rig with mast hoops and lacing, soft eyes, block & tackle halyards. dead eye’s & lanyards… basically a marconi rig set-up in a manner much like a traditional gaffer would be. I’m interested to see what kind of performance hit we take the main being loose luffed above the lower shrouds. The fore/aft lower shrouds are located around were the intermediates are on the standard twin spreader rig. On the plus side, downwind reefing should be easy with the hoop’d main sail and no spreaders to catch on things. Time will tell!


I have always admired Mandy and her sensible layout. I always thought she was built to accept a gaff then converted to a Bermuda rig either before her sails were cut or sometime later in her history. When we go to weather we usually foot off the wind. The boat is faster and more comfortable than hard on the wind. These boats were built for offshore work not chasing lightweight plastic around markers. The Cross’s enjoyed her and made many an ocean passage with her. If you take care of her, she will serve you well.

If I were to re-rig IDUNA I would convert her to a gaff rig with topsail.

Fair Winds,