Heritage Vs Sam Morris

Is there any difference in build quality and/or owner options between the Heritage built FC and the Sam Morris versions. It was my understanding that the two companies built pretty much the same boat. Any information would be great, as I’m trying to purchase one in the very near future and want to know everything possible about this great little boat.

Dave different builders same attention to detail. The first FC’s had a fiberglass liner but I’m not sure what year they stopped doing that, around 81 I think. Because these boats are more or less custom I doubt you will find two alike. I looked at many boats for many years. I ended up buying one that was entirely owner finished except hull and deck and I love it. Mine is finished in butternut and while it has some features I truly appreciate over the factory versions there are other small modifications I could do without. A small word of warning, the FC’s with installed diesel engines have very limited access to stuffing box and I know of more than one that have almost sank due to this. I don’t know if there is room to add a drip-less shaft but I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who could guide you on this matter. I’d be happy to chat anytime if I can be of any assistance. Alan

Thanks so much for your input regarding the Heritage/Nor’sea versions of the FC. You brought up a good point about the access to the stuffing box. I was looking at the limited number of Falmouths listed with brokers, and saw that one of them (Narwhal) did have this problem and almost sank. I think I might have even read it on your website! This design glitch does concern me and I am rethinking my choices for a small, go anywhere boat … but everything in me still wants the FC. She is too beautiful not to want! I know that if the packing gland does let go, things get wet. I’ve experienced this first hand on my Catalina 30 which led me to research the PSS dripless system. I decided against it because of some comments written in the Cruisers Form. That and the fact that adjusting the packing nut on a Cat 30 is no big thing. FYI;
When I last looked at an FC, I didnt think to look and see if any solutions might exist. Is there any place to cut an access hatch behind the rear bulkhead to get to the stuffing box? I’m guessing not, otherwise this wouldn’t be a problem for all the current owners. I know that the “no motor” option is out there, but like the rest of the boats, they are far and few between.
So after all my ramblings on the subject, I guess my question is; How do you not let this bother you? Or … is the worry always there and you just try not to about it?
Thanks again for the comments and keep artofhookie going! I look forward to reading the new blogs.


Not sure if the conversation about the stuffing box access is ongoing, but I solved this on my boat, “Dazzler”, Norsea 22 hull #1. I had a custom fuel tank made that, when looking down, is essentially triangular (the port side fore/aft “length” is 18", and it tapers to a the starboard side fore/aft “length” of 5"). The extra 13" opens up an access area from the starboard quarterberth.

One plywood piece along the starboard quarterberth (enclosure to the engine compartment) must be removed for access, but this is easy–just 4 screws. It is much easier than doing a headstand in the lazarette! I also have access through this opening to the bottom of the lazerette, the muffler, etc. I now have access to every part of my boat which is a good feeling.