Hess 26 in Texas?

Subject line says it all… there’s a Hess 26 for sale on Yachtworld in Rockport, TX. Ad says it was owner built after the hull and deck were built by Russell Yachts in South Carolina. Anyone know anything about this boat? Build quality, etc?


(link to the ad: http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/boatFullDetails.jsp?boat_id 60045&ybw=&units=Feet&access=Public&listing_id=1622&url= )

Edited to add:

Found this story. Writer says she doesn’t point well, but what does he know? :slight_smile:


Simple…headstay was probably not tight enough.

Lenora and I visited Quetzal circa 1993-94. The couple planned to take the boat to Central America and do missionary work. The interior appeared to be well built and finished. I believe the through hulls for water, etc were above the waterline and all liquids were pumped overboard. The exterior was not finished as nicely as the interior - purposeful but not pretty in our opinion.

The Falmouth 26 is a good sailing boat. I suspect, as Gary does, the rig was not well tuned. I believe the couple took 9 years to finish the boat and were not experienced sailors.



Excellent! Thanks for your replies. Someone on the Westsail owners forum has been through Quetzal recently and thought she looked like a nice boat. Maybe she’ll still be available when I get some money together. Thanks!