HIN Numbers

Falmouth Cutter Database:

The FC database is a mess, mainly because we inherited that way. As you know, at the beginning, Nor’ Sea and Sam L Morse Company were both building Falmouth Cutters, and consequently there was a possibility of duplication of the HIN numbers. (This also happened with BCC’s when a rogue manufacturer produced the vessel without license for a brief period.)

Consequently, we have changed the database, so that you can indicate if your vessel was a Sam L. Morse or Nor’ Sea build. Thus a Sam L Morse vessel should be changed to SLM 001, and a Nor’ Sea to NS 001

You can amend your boat data by logging in to the website, going to the forum, and clicking on ‘My Profile’. The last item on the profile menu is ‘My Boat’ where you can update your boat data.

The first three letters of the HIN will tell you the hull manufacturer. You can learn more about your HIN No. here:

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The FC data base is also complicated by two Norsea FCs both having hull number 7.

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I am aware of that, but, unless they are only state registered, they could not have completely identical HIN numbers.