History the design and early builders

I’m trying to get some early BCC history. Particularly the
builders of the first moulds and hulls. At one time I believe they
were built in BC Canada. I have most of the information available
online and have read the article in “Best Boats”

Any information on early builders would be appreciated.


Rob Vann
BoatArt Studio

Hi Rob,

The Canadian BCC was made possible by our OEM agreement between Sam Morse
and Ed McNeal.
A few years later Sam sold company to George Hylkema, the second owner of the
Sam L. Morse Co.

He soon found out that Ed and his company had breached contract. So, he
decided to terminate the agreement with Ed and his company. They have cut
the quality and made more number of the boat without paying royalty to Mr.
Hess nor commission to Sam L. Morse Co.!!!

These illegally built hulls had no official HIN (Hull Identification Number) and were sold to customers.
I do not know more than this and if you want to know more detail you need to
ask this matter to George Hylkema (949)673-8262

Sam L. Morse made first BCC in 1976 and HIN is SFJBC00110476
Sold to customer as hull & ballast.
Currently we are building BCC #121 and 121, FC 38 and 39.
All of the BCC and FC made by Sam L. Morse Co. has HIN start with
SFJ…which is unique to our company. Each manufacture has its unique 3
letter to start HIN.

Best Regards,

Sumio Oya,

Sam L. Morse Co.

PS. Please forgive my poor English. English is not my native language.


The tooling for the BCC 28 was done by Bruce Meyers in the mid-seventies.

Bruce is an old friend and did the hull plug and mold up in Carpinteria,
Ca. Then moved everything down to Costa Mesa, Ca., and finished the deck and other parts for Sam and Betty Morse in 74-75.

I just got off the phone with him; Bruce is now 78 and still working…

He invented and created the Dune Buggy called the MEYERS MANX

(they even have his car as a HOTWHEELS toy.)

Fair winds
Bob Eeg

Hi Rob,

If you contact George Hylkema concerning the history of the BCC with regard to boats built in Canada, it would be interesting to have published to this site any information you obtain. All to often details pertinent to classic yacht production tend to fall into obscurity with the passage of time.


Marty Chin

Hello Marty,
There seems to be an interest in documenting the early history…When I first posted, my motive was to gather some additional information for?use on?the back of my model plaques.

Not that I’m trying to pass the buck but … here is a suggestion that would allow your group to explore this topic in much greater detail than I would require and make a lasting contribution to your association.

Briefly looking at the menu here under “Files”, it looks like it would be possible to set up a file “BCC History”. I believe?all members would be able to have access and editing rights when logged in. I would be happy to post there what little I have. Members would add whatever info they?can or point out possible errors. Suggest the contributor identifies him/her self after posting a section… ie (Marty Chin).

Some framework would be required??..perhaps someone could suggest chronological list of topics…

Backup the file every couple of days… Just in case.

At some point a little editing would be required …

Jeremy and Nica …are the mechanics of what I’m suggesting possible?

Rob Vann

Hello all:
This sounds like a good idea, and Jeremy doesn’t think there will be much problem getting it organized. Of course, with 2 young children and a crazy month ahead, time is the problem . . . so I hereby declare that I will get this BCC history part of the site organized sometime before June . . . meanwhile, get your history stuff together and be prepared to enlighten us all!
Calypso, BCC # 6