Holding tank upgrade labor charges?

Does 18 hours seem a bit excessive for labor charges to install a new holding tank and deck fittings?

John Curtiss
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4403 Holding tank installation
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Holding tank installation: This quote considers the ABYC compliant
installation of a new head holding tank in the existing anchor locker by
installing the deck waste fitting, removal of all existing head hoses,
waste can and cradle, fabricate new support brackets for holding tank,
install and secure new tank, run hoses to head and pump out deck
fitting, install vent through hull and hose. Clean affected area prior to
F/W Labor 18 65.00 1,170.00T
Service Parts custom holding tank 149.00 149.00T
Service Parts bronze deck fitting - waste 42.84 42.84T
Service Parts bronze accessory fittings for deck fitting 8.56 8.56T
Marine Supply misc sanitation hose, vents, clamps, fittings, installation supplies and
250.00 250.00T
Freight/Hdlg-Ser… Freight & Handling-Service Parts TO BE DETERMINED BASED ON
0.00 0.00T
WI Sales Tax 5.50% 89.12

I have done this project on my BCC Adventure, hull #79, replacing the same little 5-gallon jug with the tank that Sam L Morse currently installs in BCCs.

I bought the Ronco holding tank from Sumio as he had one available at the time that I was at Sam L Morse Co. Please be aware that installing the tank also entails fabricating and fitting a 3/4" ply base to support the tank. This needs to be glassed to the hull. Once this has been done, the tank can be positioned and a 3/4" plywood bulkhead is glassed to the hull to support the aft end of the tank.

I believe that the factory standard installation entails cutting the bitts so that the tank slides against the bulkhead that the bitts are fastened to. The top of the tank is under the lower ends of the bitts. I did not like the idea of cutting the bitts and so my tank is supported against the bitts. This results in slightly less space for the chain locker but the bitts are still fastened with 3 bolts each instead of two. The chain locker still has plenty of room for 300’ of chain with room to spare.

Also a 3/4" ply bulkhead needs to be built and glassed to the hull in the anchor chain locker area which is how the holding tank is supported on the aft end. The placement of this bulkhead can be determined after the bottom support has been installed and the tank positioned against the bits.

There is also the consideration of the panels that make up the floor of the sail locker after the tank is installed. These may all have to be rebuilt, depending upon what the current setup is.

Basically, I wanted you to be aware of some of these considerations as 18 hours does not seem to be close to the time it takes to do it properly. My installation which also included replacing the head, installing a macerator, vented loops and a diverter valve probably was closer to 80 hours.

Thanks John. This is very helpful. I will forward your comments to my marina shop. My main objective is that this work be done in the best possible way so as to not have to redo it a second time.