Hull Number 110, New Owner, Same name

Hi everyone. Proud new owner of hull number #110 “Northern Star” home port of Salt Saint Marie, Michigan.
I will look forward to getting her ready to sail from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan for her new home port.
She was well cared for by her original owner, has lived in the fresh water of the Great Lakes for her life.
I appreciate the wealth of knowledge available here from many competent owners.
I look forward to some finishing work, then setting sail for the Atlantic Coast and the deep blue in a few years time.
Thank you!
Michael Langley
currently working on Midway Island, Hawaiian NW

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lyle Hess devotees. . . congratulations on your new boat!


Thank you! I’ve had a beautiful Nor’sea27 that I have enjoyed sailing for the last 3 years. I could not resist moving up to the BCC28.

Congratulations Michael!

Let me know if you end up sailing east toward Lake Ontario when you start journeying to the Atlantic Coast.


BCC 107 - “Little Wing”
RYC - Rochester, New York

Congratulations! Let me know if you need crew or a little help with the launch. I’m in central Wisconsin and in Sturgeon Bay weekly. I’m a PM on a construction project there until end of July. I am a recent new owner of 035 Grey Mist so I can understand your excitement.

Hi Nate,
I hope your having great plans of exploring the beautiful waters of the Great Lakes! The North Channel of Lake Huron has been my favorite!
I keep Northern Light in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.
Unfortunately my knees have taken a turn for the worst, and both need replacement. So I have been in contact with the previous owner. He is interested in having her back.
I’am agonizing about selling her. The BCC is an amazing ship!
If I launch her this year, I would love to meet up. Have you made any sailing plans so far?
Many thanks!
Michael Langley
BCC #110 Northern Light

Well the plan is to put her back together and home port in Bayfield. She’s a project gutted interior and no engine. But all the important bits are there. Going to spend the year putting her together in central Wisconsin and hoping to get in the water in 2025.

Bayfield is a beautiful city, and a great marina.
#110 Northern Light did not have a engine, and as a kit boat no engine pan. I was blessed that the interior was finished to a fine standard.
I spent 6 months putting in a Beta25, shaft log, tank, etc. I’m happy to discuss what I went through, if it might help.

I have a low hours Westerbeke 30B that I will install. So yes I would love to have some feedback on your experience. I also do not have the fiberglass engine pan.

Hi Nate, The Westerbeke will be a great engine for you. With 30hp, you might be able to go waterskiing!
It looks like Grey Mist has a shaft log installed. I cannot tell if it is bronze or fiberglass from the picture.
I would be happy to give my email if you want to contact me there. And then give my phone number so we can talk. Northern light had a bit different layout. A fiberglass glass plate waws glassed in where the house batteries sat. It had no shaft log, so I had to drill the inital hole at a 11 degree dead rise as recommended in the builders manual. Etc, etc, etc.
So I would be happy to talk and prive pictures of what I did, and hopefully make to process less daunting.
Thanks Nate!
Michael Langley