IDUNA's New Owners

IDUNA has new owners.She is a great boat, well maintained and very seaworthy. Jon and Kate are a young couple and are pleased to own a Bristol Channel Cutter. Please make them welcome. Oh, IDUNA will sail the Chesapeake for awhile, now it’s winter storage time. We will help them as needed.

Fair Winds IDUNA.

Rod and Lenora

Thanks for the introduction! Kate and I (Jon) are extremely excited to look after IDUNA, and we’re looking forward to interacting with all of you here on the forum.

Jon & Kate

Welcome, Jon and Kate!

I hope you enjoy Iduna and find support and friendship in this forum.

I have enjoyed sharing with Rod and Lenora on this forum for about 16 years. If memory serves me right, Rod and Lenora bought what became Iduna about the same time that Meryl and I took delivery of Zygote.

Best wishes to Rod and Lenora in whatever and however they choose to travel on the surface of this planet.



Hi Jon and Kate, I finished a build of my BCC a number of years ago, and the assistance from so many people on the forum was absolutely pivotal in that process. You will find a great deal of support from many people who are so willing to share with you all the tips and tricks of these fabulous boats.May I wish you well and fair winds.