In-hull depth transducer problem

There are a couple of discussion entries on this topic but none that address the question of a good location. Someone did install one at the forward end of the settee, but the angle is too steep for the Hawkeye depth finder that I have, even with an oil-filled adapter they provide that allows for an angle up to 22 degrees from horizontal. I mounted one on the port-side just forward of the cockpit bulkhead but may not have gotten it sufficiently level for accurate readings. It generally “insists” that all bottoms are only about 25 feet, though I do get a reading of 9 feet at the dock which is 8 feet below the transducer, I did not sand the interior fiberglass “grain” before I installed it and wonder if this might be part of the problem. Any opinions or experience is welcome!

I have an in hull transducer. It’s located at the aft end of the Port Lazarette. It works very well in this location but if it didn’t come with the boat I wouldn’t have added it. I’ve never seen the need for an electronic sounder, different strokes…

Thanks. Is there an oil dam that levels it? If so, what is the construction?

It’s a wood box sealed in and glassed to the hull. It’s completely level, the top weeps a bit but not much. The top is clear plastic but not exactly sure what it’s made of. I’m very fortunate as the gentleman I purchased from kept her in top form.

I installed my in-hull transducer in the space aft of the dam for the keel and the aft water tank. I first “cleaned” the fiberglass with a Forstner bit, and then epoxied the transducer to the hull… Bob’s your uncle. It has worked perfectly since 1998. This location does not take up any room where something else could be stored and it is within an inch of the lowest point of the keel.