info on Junessa?

Junessa shows up in Gig Harbor, WA in the Who’s Where, but doesn’t appear in the Data Base. How come? We’re presently in Olympia, headed towards Seattle soon and would like to meet up with other BCC’s in the Pacific NW. We had some great get-togethers back in the 1980’s! I wish all BCC’s were in the Data Base and also in the Who’s Where.

Dan Shaula BCC 59

Hi Dan and Alice,
This is Heidi Angel from s/v Star Rover (BCC #65). We met Rick, who just bought Junessa (while we were kayaking around Gig Harbor) the day you left. He is outfitting the boat to head north to Alaska and should be updating his BCC site here soon. It was great to meet you guys! Hope to see you again soon.
Rich and Heidi

Hi Rich and Heidi,
Thanks for the info on Junessa, and we’re sorry to have missed him. Yesterday I looked at his blog which I found a link to on this forum–great pictures and story.

We found a sublease at Shilshole here in Seattle for a month while we take care of medical checkups and offload a ton (literally!) of stuff from the boat. Hope to see you again before we head north for the summer.
Regards, Dan and Alice sv Shaula

Aloha from Hawaii!

I’m Rick Peterson, owner of JUNESSA. I should be back in Gig Harbor 2nd week of June (I’m flying MEDEVAC helos in Hawaii). I’m so happy that Rich & Heidi pulled into Gig Harbor… I hope to be life long friend with them.

It would be cool to have a BCC get together up in the San Juans around July 4th!

I’m doing almost all the work on JUNESSA, and learning alot of expensive $$$ lessons! I hired a rigger to come out and re-rig/tune the standing rigging in two weeks. Yea! One less thing I can destroy, I mean fix…

I’ll look into the data base deal and see why I’m not showing up.

You can keep up with JUNESSA’s progress at:



I enjoyed looking through your blog. Love your boat.

How’s that “May of 2008” coming for ya? :slight_smile: Welcome to world of boat schedules!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.


Looks like July 1st is the departure date… subject to change of course…
I was going to update my blog site with new photos, but I left my cables on the boat in Gig Harbor. So, as soon as I get back (June 9th), I’ll upload some photos.

My next EBS (electronic battery sucker) will be a video camera with dive-housing. I plan to upload movie clips along the way of fair weather as well as big blows. Stay tuned.

Sail On!

Hi Rick,
Let us know if you are in the Seattle area and would like to join us for a sail this summer, especially if you experience more delays and just want to spend some time on the water. Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
Rich and Heidi Angel
s/v Star Rover