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Ahoy All , I am curious as to what happened to BCC Saint Marie de Avila , or was it Saint Teresa de Avila , fabricated by John Greenville of Morro Bay , CA., from a bare hull .

This was an interesting BCC , because it was cut in half , thwartships , midsection and extended 8’ to become a fish hold for salmon fishing, by John . I met him in 1996 , in Morro Bay CA.

Like all of us , John loved his BCC , but lost it near Golita, CA, on the rocks. His autopilot glitched while he was making a lunch below .

He said it was pulled off the rock reef and salvaged in the Santa Barbara CA., area .

He lost track of it and has moved on , but did show me a pic of it sitting in a yard next to a house in that area , that pic was given to Roger , and is probably in the file passed to Cape George Cutters , from Sumio .

Look under “Boats For Sale” page 2 “Hull #56”.

Gee , Gosh , “Traveler” , nice find , and T Y , for your effort .

John Greenville offered to Sam L Morse , to re-align the BCC mold , in exchange for a bare hull and deck. The deal was struck and done .

John was a submariner in the US Navy , and a v knowledgable guy and seaman .

His intent for “streaching” a BCC , was that he needed a midship fish hold , because a sailing vessel , was allowed an early jump on the commercial salmon season off California . In other words , he could fish early and get the cream of the crop , before other commercial fishing boats could go out and fish .

John bragged about his 8 nm boat speed , as always reliable , even in rough conditions .

He also had a pengent for baked potatoes , and had a coal or solid fuel , stove onboard , which he fired up when leaving port , put his potatoes in and feasted on them while at sea . He Loved his BCC , as we all love ours .