Introduction and questions.

Hello to all here on this forum… My name is Bill Cirino and i have tried a few times to buy a BCC. Came close once to buying one in portland but alas… i still don’t have one. I do have a different boat however and this is why im writing. I have a Rhodes Traveller 32 by the name “Timshel”. Its a 32 foot double ender Cutter and in many ways similar to a BCC… At least in dimensions. WLL is 27’… Weight 15,200… beam 10’2" Unlike most double enders built in the 70’s it is not a tub. It is a glass version of Phil Rhodes design “Dog Star” of 1930 and is far finer lined than anything in the Westsail, Baba, Hans Christian vain. It is much more like a BCC or Cape George 31… I digress a bit here. What im wondering is if it is Ok for me to ask the occasional question here on this forum. There seems to be a wealth of info and wisdom on this forum and i would like to tap into some of that while fitting out my boat… at the moment im very interested in Roger lazy jacks/ toping lifts. Because of the boats size, layout and heritage i find many enhancements and modifications that are popular for a BCC are applicable to Timshel . There is a Traveler forum on Yahoo … Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos … while good there are but a hand full of us as there were only 27 of these boats made. It would be helpful if i had access to a wider pool of wisdom… So if there are no objections (if there are, i understand and you will not here from me again)… i would like to know if anyone has a picture or two of Rogers lazy jack system. I have everything written about it on this forum but a picture is worth a thousand words and would help clarify it in my mind. Im tired of dropping the main into the cockpit when i solo… Thanks.

	Bill Cirino  ....Traviller 32   "Timshel"

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The traveler is a fine looking sailing yacht - congratulation.

Attached are two images that may help you setup the reefing system.



Bill, email me at and I will help you out

Roger Olson

I use Roger’s lazy jacks as just lazy jacks. I was never able to get satisfactory tension on the lines when trying to use them in a topping lift function. Result was the occasional skipping boom across the top of my nicely varnished boom gallows. I run a simple, 3/8", triple braid topping lift as well. The lazy jack layout is terrific however.

 If you use Roger's design, never store the lazy jacks against the mast.  The stainless eyes will chafe the paint (or aluminum).  I store them on their working cleats about 5" aft of my gooseneck. I also went a little overboard and wrapped each eye with light, nylon line after I spliced the 1/4" line to the eye.  Works great as an anti-chafe regards the mast and eliminates any worry about sail chafe.


Thanks to all … and for the warm welcome. The pictures help allot Rod …thanks again.