IRC Rating

Hi, Does anyone know what the racing handicap rating, and IRC
Rating numbers are for a BCC ?



Try Chris Edwards on seanomad@yahoo - he might have this from Xiphias’ King’s
Cup days.



Hi BCC Racers,?Mark Geigel won a few races on Itchen! I think she did have a rating. Maybe Scott has that info…of course…after he won a few, I think they changed his rating. The BCC is a stealth racer.Kate

I’m on the road and away from my BCC files but to the best of my memory
the PHRF rating for a BCC is 228. If so, not too bad so long as you were
not doing a lot of short-tack scirmishes against J-24’s.

Scott (SV Itchen)

Scott Odell

The BCC sails quite well against other boats under the PHRF.The rating depends on your area for sailing but in the Long Island area the rating is around 228 depending on your sails, prop etc.

?I think if the BCC was sailed competitively on a regular basis the rating would be lowered as it does sail better than the assigned rating.?We have an informal annual race on the Hudson River each Labor Day called the Kizer’s Cup Race. I did very well several times against a broad mix of boats , Bristol 40, Nonsuch 26, Tartan 34, Benneteu 42, Catalina 30.I won twice on corrected time. This irked many other members and they did change my rating to a 215. They were not happy to be bested by an"old fishing smack" with a bowsprit.??
Mark (formerly of “Itchen”)

Old designs aren’t necessarily slow, we sailed out of San Francisco headed for Drakes Bay to overnight. We beat to weather for over 5 hours looking at the same landmark before convincing the owner to turn on the motor and call it a day. We arrived as the fog and sunset was closing in, with only 3 boats at anchor.?In the morning as the fog lifted, I sat in the damp cockpit of my friends 40’ plastic fantastic, not a BCC by the way.

As the fog lifted and the sun rose over the horizon, we found ourselves surrounded by at 100 sailboats, among them was a Joshua Slocum wooden Spray replica in all?her varnished glory.?As we?sailed homeward?, I commented how beautiful the Spray looked lying at anchor. My friend said, its old fashion, slow, could keep up with his plastic fantastic if they ran they motor.?

An hour underway, I looked back at the anchorage to see the beautiful gaff rigged Spray raising her sails and sail up to weigh her anchor. Under?full canvas, top sail and all, she looked more like a moving cloud, gathering speed and closing the gap between us.?

An hour later, the Spray was abeam to us pulling away. I marked the time as she passed under the Golden Gate Bridge, I also marked our time as we passed under the bridge an hour and a half later!?So much for old fashion and slow.?

Marty Chin,
BCC Shamrock

Not all old smacks (my dictionary cites the Middle
Dutch ‘smacken: to strike or slap; from the slapping
of the sail’ and defines a smack as ‘a sailing vessel
(as a sloop or cutter) used chiefly in coasting or
fishing’) with bowsprits sail as well as a BCC28.

Lyle C. Hess’s well-honed design skills and abilities
are responsible.

Lyle, in conversation with Paul Christensen (then
editor of The Falmouth Cutter Newsletter), said in

Lyle: “People wonder why she will run away from other
boats - it’s amazing how well she sails with that
weight. Well, you haul her out and look at that
bottom, that long flat bottom, she just can’t help but
go … People don’t understand this, you know… And
the deep part of the boat down there, we don’t worry
about because it’s in still water, but you get up near
the surface and your bottom wants to be flat if you
are going to get the power and speed out of the boat
… It goes as to a ratio of the arc of your buttock
lines and diagonals. So that’s the principle in my

Paul: “Of course you do find sailors who scoff at the
concept of heavy displacement for sailboats.”

Lyle: “It just depends on how the displacement is
handled. When they come up and they say well what
about these heavy displacement boats? … My boats are
all flat floored, fore and aft, and for this reason
the displacement does not hurt them … in fact in a
sense it’s a help, because with the big turn in the
garboard I cut the wetted area way down for the amount
of displacement. I think I’ve got a good formula on my
boats and it works. And I’m going to keep designing
the same thing …”

The bottom line of this discussion thread seems to be
that the BCC28 does not have an IRC rating.



BCC28 #116 Zygote, Marina Batu Uban, Malaysia